“Captain Smart Doesnt Know Who K!ll£d His Two Wives But Knows The List Of MPS Who Will Be Poisoned” – Gordon

Gordon destroys Captain Smart and exposes him for spreading lies in a popular video. He accuses the Onua TV presenter of deceiving the public with false information. Gordon doesn’t stop there and continues to attack Captain Smart by disclosing a shocking secret about his personal life.

He reveals that the captain had been married to two different women who had both mysteriously passed away. Gordon also mentions that Captain Smart is currently married to his third wife.

In the viral video, Gordon expresses his disdain for Captain Smart’s actions and makes it clear that he will not tolerate being misled by him.

By uncovering the truth about the captain’s past marriages, Gordon aims to show the public that Captain Smart is not to be trusted.

The revelation of the deceased wives adds a layer of complexity to Captain Smart’s character and raises questions about his past relationships.

Overall, Gordon’s comments in the video highlight the importance of honesty and integrity in the media.

By calling out Captain Smart for spreading falsehoods, Gordon sends a powerful message about the responsibility of journalists to report accurate information.

The video serves as a reminder that the public should be cautious of believing everything they hear and should always question the credibility of their news sources.

Watch the video below:

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