Cautious NPP Executives Reject Food And Drinks At John Kumah’s Family House As They Mourn

NPP officials paid a visit to the family of John Kumah to offer their condolences on Saturday, however, they declined the drinks that were offered to them. John Kumah’s death, believed to be caused by poisoning, has been widely accepted by the public, even though there has been no official autopsy report confirming this.

The speculation of poisoning was first raised by journalist Captain Smart and was later supported by John Kumah’s special aide and Chairman Wontumi’s protege Oheneba, who claimed to have witnessed the events leading up to his death.

As a result of these claims, NPP officials are now being extra cautious about what they consume. During their visit to the family home of John Kumah to mourn his passing, the NPP team, led by General Secretary Justine Frimpong Kodua and National Organizer Nana B, politely declined the water that was offered to them.

This incident has raised concerns about the safety and security of NPP officials, as well as the potential risks associated with consuming food and drinks from unknown sources. The refusal of the drinks by the NPP officials demonstrates their awareness of these risks and their commitment to protecting themselves from any potential harm.

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