Chairman Wontumi Will Die, He Will Not Survive The Poison – Nigel Gaisie Causes Stir With Another Prophecy

Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s recent prediction regarding the fate of Chairman Wontumi, the Ashanti Regional Chairman, has caused a stir on social media and in Ghanaian public discussions.

Gaisie’s prophecy that Chairman Wontumi will fall victim to a poison attack has shocked many and sparked controversy and skepticism.

His vision of a future where Chairman Wontumi passes away amidst mourning and questions of “why so soon?” has drawn parallels to recent reports of poisoning within political circles, such as the tragic death of Finance Minister John Kumah.

Gaisie suggests that Chairman Wontumi’s predicted demise is part of a larger pattern of tragedies within the NPP party.

This prophecy has led to anxiety among his followers and prompted online discussions about the implications for Chairman Wontumi’s safety and the political landscape.

Critics argue that such dire predictions can incite unnecessary fear and destabilize society.

The controversy surrounding Gaisie’s prophecy raises ethical questions about the role of religious figures in public discourse and the boundaries of prophetic declarations.

It also tests societal norms around privacy, respect, and the spread of unverified claims. As this situation unfolds, it is important for both the public and religious leaders to approach it with responsibility and discernment.

The coming days will reveal how this prophecy and its aftermath are addressed by religious communities and political entities.


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