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“cheap Toto workers” – Afia Schwar Blast Serwaa, Nana Aba and Sandra Ankobiah (Video)

• Afia Schwar, known for her controversial antics, mocked actress Nana Aba for allegedly arranging Sandra Ankobiah’s marriage with Henry Fitz.
• Schwar criticized the “big 3” in the industry for their lavish lifestyles and financial struggles.
• She recounted a story where Aba reportedly asked Stonebwoy to help her pay rent and furnish her living room.
• The allegations, brought to light by Henry Fitz, have stirred controversy in the industry.
• The response to these scandalous accusations remains uncertain.


The actress known for her controversial antics in the entertainment industry, who enjoys poking fun at her colleagues whenever there is a trending story, recently targeted Nana Aba.

In a live TikTok session, Afia Schwar mocked Nana Aba for allegedly trying to set up Sandra Ankobiah with Henry Fitz in exchange for just a refrigerator.

She also took a dig at the “big 3” in the industry, insinuating that despite their flashy lifestyles with expensive wigs, clothes, and shoes, they are actually struggling financially and still living as tenants.

According to Schwar, the big 3 are notorious for boasting about their wealth but are secretly broke, resorting to shady deals and relationships with wealthy individuals to fund their lavish lifestyles.

She humorously recounted a story where Nana Aba supposedly begged Stonebwoy to help her pay her rent and furnish her living room.

These allegations were brought to light by Henry Fitz on social media, but their validity has yet to be verified.

The claims of Nana Aba attempting to pimp out Sandra Ankobiah and her financial struggles have caused a stir in the industry, with many questioning the motives behind these revelations.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the parties involved will respond to these scandalous accusations.

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