“Cheddar is a thief “– Kevin Taylor exposes The New Force leader.

Prominent Ghanaian entrepreneur, Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Cheddar, finds himself in the midst of controversy and skepticism following the revelation of his presidential ambitions.

The owner of successful businesses like Petronia City Development Ltd, BELFAST City Management, and the New Africa Foundation now faces widespread debates concerning his wealth and credibility.

The transition of Cheddar from business to politics has sparked a heated discourse, primarily focusing on the legitimacy of his wealth. Kevin Taylor, a controversial commentator, in a recent episode of his ‘LOUD SILENCE’ program, openly accused Cheddar of being a thief, claiming to have substantive evidence to ruin the businessman’s reputation.

Taylor’s accusations have escalated the existing doubts regarding Cheddar’s financial status, leading to a public demand for transparency and accountability.

The commentator also involved Cheddar’s wife, Rubby, in the controversy, advising her not to trust her husband due to his alleged dishonesty.

This situation has intensified the public dialogue, leaving Ghanaians divided about the authenticity of Cheddar’s political aspirations.

Amid the ongoing controversy, there is an increased public demand for Cheddar to address the allegations and provide clarity on his wealth and credibility.

As Nana Kwame Bediako navigates the volatile intersection of business and politics, the political landscape in Ghana remains fraught with speculation and skepticism.


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