Cheddar Is Ignorant and A Big-time Crook – Kevin Taylor

U.S.-based Ghanaian political commentator, Kevin Taylor, has directed his anger towards the leader of the New Force Movement, Freedom Jacob Caesar. Caesar made a bold statement recently, claiming that he intends to relocate part of the Atlantic Ocean from Accra to Kumasi.

He believes that by dredging and transporting portions of the sea to Kumasi, he can establish a port in the city as part of his plan to revamp Ghana. These remarks, which many find absurd, have sparked a wave of criticism on social media.

Joining in on the criticism, Kevin Taylor did not hold back in his condemnation of Caesar. He hurled insults at him and accused him of being ignorant and a fraudster. Taylor’s strong words reflect the widespread disbelief and mockery surrounding Caesar’s outlandish proposal.

The idea of moving a body of water such as the Atlantic Ocean to a different location seems implausible and impractical to many observers.

Caesar’s claims have not only attracted ridicule but have also raised concerns about his credibility and the feasibility of his plans for Ghana. Taylor’s scathing remarks highlight the skepticism and disbelief that many have towards Caesar’s grandiose promises.

The public reaction to Caesar’s proposal underscores the importance of critical thinking and scrutiny when evaluating political promises and proposals.


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