Cheddar reveals how Osei kwame Despite makes his money (video)

Freedom Jacob Caesar, also known as Cheddar, has gained significant attention online since he revealed himself as the man behind the mask, New Force.

His source of wealth has become a hot topic on social media platforms. In a recent interview with Bernard Avle, Cheddar claimed that he became a millionaire in pounds at the age of 21 by selling scraps in the UK.

However, in a previous interview with Serwaa Amihere, he stated that his wealth came from poultry farming. These conflicting stories have sparked skepticism among Ghanaians, as they believe Cheddar is hiding something.

Despite the contradictions, Cheddar has publicly expressed his admiration and respect for renowned Ghanaian business mogul, Dr Osei Kwame Despite.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma, Cheddar detailed how Dr Osei Kwame Despite went from being a street hawker to a music producer, then ventured into real estate, food and beverages, and finally the media industry.

Cheddar encouraged Ghanaian youth to believe in themselves and strive for success, using Dr Osei Kwame Despite as an example of someone who started with nothing but achieved great success.

The video below provides more information on Cheddar’s views and his admiration for Dr Osei Kwame Despite.


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