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Chef Failatu Considers Return to Cook-a-Thon in Wake of Nigerian Record Attempt

Renowned Ghanaian executive chef, Failatu Abdul-Raman, has revealed that she may consider reapplying for another cooking marathon, or cook-a-thon, in the wake of a Nigerian chef’s attempt to break the record for the longest cooking marathon.

The acclaimed chef made these remarks during an appearance on the entertainment program, ShowBiz360, on TV3, where she jovially stated that she would reapply for another cook-a-thon if anyone ever dares to intimidate Ghanaians in the culinary fraternity.

“Nobody can scare Ghanaians. Nobody can scare us, if they try I will re-apply and cook for a million days,” Abdul-Raman confidently stated, an apparent response to the Nigerian chef’s record-breaking attempt.

When asked by ShowBiz360 host, Giovanni, about her reasons behind ceasing her previous marathon, the chef explained that it was a collective decision between her team and the management to halt the marathon. However, she chose not to divulge the specific reason(s) for this decision.

Failatu Abdul-Raman is one of Ghana’s leading culinary figures known for her innovative cooking techniques and unique fusion of traditional Ghanaian ingredients with international cuisines. Whether she will indeed step back into the cook-a-thon ring remains to be seen.

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