Common sense should have told Serwaa Amihere not to send the issue to court- Afia Schwar

Afia Schwar, a controversial media personality, recently found herself in hot water after one of her followers attacked her on social media.

The fan, whose identity remains unknown, criticized Afia Schwar for allegedly being happy about Serwaa Amihere’s troubles.

This prompted Afia to defend herself, stating that she had no ill intentions towards her colleague.

During a live session, Afia Schwar not only addressed the fan’s accusations but also took the opportunity to launch a scathing attack on Serwaa Amihere.

She argued that Serwaa should have used common sense and refrained from taking legal action over a video that she had recorded herself on her phone.

Furthermore, Afia Schwar did not stop there. She went on to make derogatory remarks about Serwaa Amihere, Sandra Ankobia, Nana Aba Anamoah, and others, labeling them as high-end prostitutes.

This further fueled the controversy surrounding Afia’s statements and actions.

The feud between Afia Schwar and Serwaa Amihere highlights the intense rivalry and animosity that can exist within the media industry.

Afia’s bold and unfiltered comments have once again landed her in the spotlight, sparking debates and discussions among fans and followers.

Watch video below…

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