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D()gs, come and learn from me – Captain Smart tackles Vim Lady and Okatakyie Afrifa in a Rambo style (Video)


Captain Smart has made the bold decision to launch an aggressive attack on both Vim Lady and Okatakyie Afrifa in a manner reminiscent of action hero Rambo.

The trio of esteemed journalists have found themselves at odds following the tragic death of John Kumah, with differing opinions on the cause of the late MP’s passing.

Captain Smart asserts that the Deputy Finance Minister succumbed to food poisoning, while Vim Lady and Okatakyie Afrifa maintain that John Kumah fell victim to Multiple Myeloma, a form of cancer.

Both Okatakyie Afrifa and Vim Lady have labeled Captain Smart as an untrustworthy fabricator who seizes every opportunity to manipulate sensitive situations for personal gain. Refuting the accusations of dishonesty, Captain Smart has retaliated by likening his detractors to dogs. He believes that Vim Lady and Okatakyie Afrifa have been influenced by monetary incentives to vilify him for speaking the truth.

In a display of arrogance, Captain Smart ridicules his adversaries by claiming that even his pet dog and possesses greater intelligence than them, derisively mimicking their barking. He challenges Vim Lady and Okatakyie Afrifa to come and learn from him, showcasing his inflated sense of self-importance.


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