“Dishonest Man But You Want to Be President” – Ohemaa Woyeje Blast Cheddar after Cancelling Interview with Her Last Minute

Ohemaa Woyeje, a popular radio personality at Angel FM, expressed her frustration and disappointment towards Presidential Candidate, Freedom Jacob Caesar of the New Force Political Movement. Woyeje was furious after Cheddar canceled their scheduled interview on her show.

She was particularly upset because Cheddar and his team provided her with an excuse for their absence, claiming they had a conflicting commitment.

However, Ohemaa later discovered that Cheddar had participated in an interview on another platform during the same time slot as her show.

This discovery infuriated Ohemaa, who criticized Cheddar for being dishonest and deceitful. She questioned his integrity, especially considering his aspirations to become the President of Ghana.

Ohemaa did not hold back in her condemnation of Cheddar’s actions, expressing her disappointment in his lack of honesty.

In a video shared online, Ohemaa can be seen passionately expressing her feelings towards Cheddar and his team for their dishonesty.

Her words were sharp and direct as she called out Cheddar for his misleading behavior.

Overall, Ohemaa’s reaction to Cheddar’s actions was filled with frustration and disbelief at his lack of transparency.

Watch her below…


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