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“Don’t blame your husband if he sleeps with your maid”- Mama Pat Advises married women who let their maid wash their husband’s underwear. (video)

Evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaa, during a sermon at her church, advised married women against allowing their maids to wash their husbands’ underwear.

She warned that if the maids were entrusted with such an intimate task, they could potentially develop a closer bond with the husbands and even steal them away.

Evangelist Agradaa’s message emphasized the importance of boundaries in a marriage and the potential risks of allowing outsiders, such as maids, to become too familiar with the family dynamics.

By specifically highlighting the act of washing underwear, she drew attention to the intimate nature of the task and the potential for inappropriate relationships to develop.

Her advice served as a cautionary tale for married women to be mindful of who they allow into their homes and the level of trust they place in their domestic help.

By urging women to take control of such personal tasks within the household, she aimed to protect the sanctity of marriage and prevent any potential infidelity or betrayal.

Overall, Evangelist Agradaa’s sermon served as a reminder for married women to prioritize their relationships and be vigilant in safeguarding their marriages from any external threats, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may appear.

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