“Don’t cook and clean for your boyfriend, you are not a maid”- Kafui Danku advises young girls

In a recent appearance on the United Showbiz, Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku shared some valuable advice for women in relationships.

She suggested that women should refrain from cooking and cleaning for their boyfriends if they want to be truly valued.

According to Kafui Danku, performing these domestic tasks for a man you are not married to does not make you more desirable or wife material.

Danku went on to explain that the majority of men approach women intending to only want to sleep with them.

Therefore, if women easily give in to these advances and continue to act like maids by cooking and cleaning for them, the men will not see them as high-value partners.

She emphasized that men typically stay committed to women who they invest their time and money in.

So, if a man is not making these efforts for you and you are still doing everything for him, why would he feel the need to treat you with respect and care?

In essence, Danku’s advice is aimed at empowering women to recognize their worth and set boundaries in their relationships.

By not giving in too easily and demanding to be treated with respect and appreciation, women can ensure that they are valued and cherished by their partners.

Ultimately, Danku’s message serves as a reminder for women to prioritize self-respect and not settle for anything less than they deserve in a relationship.


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