“Don’t Marry A ‘Born One’ Mother, They Will Cheat With Their Baby Daddy” – Man reveals

The topic of men not wanting to marry women who have children, also known as ‘Born Ones,’ has been trending on social media after comments made by Joselyn Dumas.

Dumas stated that many ‘Born One’ women struggle to find a partner willing to marry them, leading to them being single parents.

This sparked a debate online, with one social media user, Joe Funds, sharing a story about his friend’s experience with a ‘Born One’ woman.

According to Joe Funds, his friend fell in love with a ‘Born One’ woman who was living with her sister due to her baby’s father not providing support.

His friend rented a new place for the woman and her child for privacy, even selling his car to fund his building project in Kokrobite.

He was deeply in love and planned to marry her, but when he returned unexpectedly from a trip, he caught her in bed with her baby’s father in the same room he had rented for them.

The betrayal left his friend heartbroken, and he had to restrain himself from acting impulsively. His friends were shocked and wanted to confront the baby’s father but found him gone.

Despite all the love and effort his friend had invested in the relationship, the ‘Born One’ woman chose to cheat with her baby’s father.

This story serves as a cautionary tale about the challenges faced by ‘Born One’ women in finding love and acceptance in relationships.


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