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“Don’t pay bride price if you are not the one who devirginized your partner”- Nigerian Lawyer advises men

A Nigerian lawyer, Ebikebuna Aluzu, recently expressed his belief that only “defeated and inferior” men pay bride price or marry women they did not disvirgin.

In a Facebook post, he stated that paying bride price or marrying a woman who was not a virgin is a sign of admitting inferiority, particularly to other men who had been with her before.

He argued that by doing so, men are essentially paying for something that other men received for free, highlighting a sense of inadequacy and lack of options in terms of mating and reproducing.

Aluzu emphasized that marrying a woman who was not a virgin implies accepting that one is settling for what other men did not see fit to pay for.

He pointed out that rationalizations or justifications cannot dispute this fact, as the reality remains that the man is essentially settling for another man’s leftovers.

He noted that even if one tries to argue that there is more to a wife than just her virginity, the woman still offered those other qualities to previous partners for free.

In conclusion, Aluzu advised men to recognize their worth and not settle for someone else’s past experiences.

He urged them not to make a woman who has been with other men their own, as it ultimately signifies a sense of defeat and inferiority.

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