“Don’t work too hard, you’re not from a poor family” — Father advises his daughter

The daughter’s post on Twitter, where she shared her father’s message to her after missing two of his calls, has caused many internet users to feel envious.

In the screenshot of their conversation, her father reassured her not to stress herself too much, reminding her that she comes from a well-off family and he can provide for her needs. The post has since gone viral on social media.

Some reactions from internet users include

@iEmekaa praising the father’s subtle brag, while @iam__kingmona jokingly pleaded for the daughter to take it easy.

@rutie_xx expressed her desire to provide the same level of support for her children, and @incoming_techy highlighted the father’s statement about his bank balance not being a joke.

@viru5undetected humorously mentioned that their father should see what other dads are doing for their kids, while @kenedavies shared the father’s message of not allowing anyone to stress her out and to call him if needed.

@ConsciousKiddus added a playful comment about poverty being punished.

Overall, the daughter’s post has sparked a mix of envy, admiration, and humor among internet users, with many appreciating the father’s caring and supportive message to his daughter.

See post below…

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