Dr Grace found out in South Africa that She Needed Kidney Transplant

The sudden and shocking demise of renowned herbalist Dr Grace Boadu has sent ripples across social media platforms. Notable for her contributions to the field of herbal medicine, her death has been shrouded in mystery, with conflicting reports about the circumstances leading to her untimely passing.

In a statement, the Deputy CEO of Grace Gift Clinic, where Dr Boadu practiced, maintained that she had not been sick, and had recently returned from a 2-week health course in South Africa. However, contradictory reports suggest that Dr Boadu may have been suffering from a kidney ailment, necessitating a transplant. It has been suggested that her trip to South Africa was for medical rather than educational purposes.

Adding to the speculation, a video has surfaced where Dr Boadu is seen alleging that she was poisoned and found out only three years later while on a trip to Dubai. In the same video, she shares that she was given only three days to live post the poison revelation, yet she survived and testified her ordeal in church.

The Grace Gift Clinic management confirmed that Dr Boadu was found dead in her bathhouse on January 29th, a day after her return from South Africa. Whether her death was related to her alleged health issues remains unconfirmed. The scenario surrounding Dr Boadu’s death remains sketchy and leaves more questions than answers.

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