Dr. Kwame Despite shamed MC at a wedding who begged for a “Dollar Note” after he had showered Another wedding Attendee with Dollars

A recent viral video on social media showed a woman MC at a wedding program being embarrassed after she asked Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, the CEO of the Despite Group of Companies, for a dollar note.

The MC politely requested for a dollar, but before she could even finish her sentence, Dr. Kwame Despite handed money to someone else right in front of her.

The video quickly spread online, with many social media users commenting on the incident. Some people believed that Dr. Kwame Despite’s actions were appropriate, while others disagreed.

The video sparked a debate among viewers, with opinions divided on whether the MC’s request was reasonable and whether Dr. Kwame Despite’s response was justified.

The incident highlighted the power dynamics at play in social situations, as well as the importance of respect and consideration for others.

It also raised questions about how people in positions of authority should respond to requests for assistance or favors, and the impact of their actions on those around them.

Overall, the video served as a reminder of the complexities of human interactions and the need for empathy and understanding in all social interactions.

Watch video below…


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