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Dr. Likee’s directors have been chopping the actresses they work with- actress reveals

A rising star in the Kumawood movie industry, known as Gynel, has made a shocking revelation about the directors working with popular actor Dr. Likee.

During an interview with Rashard on Gh Page TV, Gynel discussed the declining state of the movie industry, despite claims that it is thriving.

She pointed out that the industry is suffering due to some directors engaging in inappropriate relationships with actresses.

Gynel shared her own experience of feeling like an outsider when she joined Dr. Likee’s team.

She explained that the other actresses in the camp were hostile towards her because they were involved in romantic relationships with the directors.

This caused tension among the women, as anyone who got close to the directors was met with animosity.

According to Gynel, this toxic environment of jealousy and competition among the actresses has played a significant role in the downfall of the Kumawood movie industry.

She believes that instead of promoting teamwork and collaboration, the relationships between directors and actresses have created a divisive and unhealthy atmosphere on set.

In conclusion, Gynel’s insights shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics that are contributing to the challenges faced by the Kumawood movie industry.

It is clear that addressing these issues and promoting professionalism and respect among all industry stakeholders is crucial for the industry’s survival and success.

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