Drama as landlord destroys staircase leading to tenant’s room over rent issues (Watch Video)

A woman expressed her distress as her landlord destroyed the concrete staircase leading to their apartment in Ghana, reportedly due to rent issues.

The landlord, in an attempt to force the tenant to move out, dismantled the staircase, leaving only the metal rods that supported it.

The tenant, known as @obaapa ama, shared the incident online, claiming that the landlord wanted to deceive them over the rent and resorted to this extreme measure when they refused to comply.

A video circulating online captured one of the occupants struggling to navigate the now impassable staircase.

The deliberate destruction of the staircase was seen as a punitive measure by the landlord for the tenants’ refusal to be cheated.

This incident highlights the power dynamics and challenges faced by tenants in dealing with unscrupulous landlords. It also underscores the need for proper legal protections for tenants to prevent such unjust actions.

The tenants now face the challenge of finding a way to access their apartment and resolve the dispute with their landlord.

Watch the video below:

@obaapaamalasvegaz Our landlord is insane😡@Ama Achiaa Bempah ♬ original sound – obaapa ama

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