“Drogba Snatched my Girlfriend ” – Amerado Reveals

Rapper Amerado shared a story about how he lost his serious girlfriend to actor Drogba from the popular TV series YOLO, which led him to change his appearance by wearing dreadlocks.

During an interview with Captain Smart on Onua TV, Amerado recounted how he was in a relationship with a stunning girl, only to have her stolen by the actor. The rapper believed everything was going smoothly in their relationship, only to be blindsided by his girlfriend leaving him for someone else.

Amerado expressed his devastation and heartbreak over the breakup, revealing that he couldn’t eat for a whole month. To add insult to injury, his ex-girlfriend even sent him a message advising him to move on with his life. The rapper disclosed that the guy who stole his girlfriend turned out to be none other than the actor who plays Drogba on YOLO.

This betrayal pushed Amerado to make a drastic change in his appearance by getting dreadlocks. The rapper’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the unexpected turns relationships can take and the impact they can have on one’s life. Despite the heartache he experienced, Amerado seems to have found a way to cope and move forward from the painful experience.

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