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ECG Discovers 130 Illegal Connections in 3 Days at Ashaiman

In a surprising development, the Ashaiman District of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has uncovered a total of 130 unauthorized connections within its operational area over a period of three days.

These findings were a result of a revenue mobilization initiative that the district commenced on Monday, March 4, 2024. Ing. Kissi Ohenebeng, the District Manager, addressed the media on the morning of Friday, March 8, 2024, providing an update on the progress of the operation.

He revealed that out of the 130 unauthorized connections discovered, summonses were issued to the respective customers, who began to report to the office on Tuesday to address the identified issues. Ing. Ohenebeng also mentioned that during the three-day project, his team, together with personnel from eight other districts and the regional office of the Tema Region, visited over 5000 customers of the electricity provider.

When questioned about potential legal action against those found with unauthorized connections, Ing. Ohenebeng acknowledged that delinquent customers could face prosecution. He emphasized that illegal connections constitute theft and are therefore a criminal offense. He advised customers to avoid such practices, stressing the possible severe repercussions.

The Ashaiman District falls under the ECG Tema Region, which encompasses Tema North, Tema South, Afienya, Prampram, Ada, Nungua, and JuapongKrobo Districts. Staff members from across the region were deployed to assist with this special revenue mobilization effort in the Ashaiman District.

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