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Emotional trending video of a young boy crying to his dead father to send him help (Video)

A heart-wrenching video that has quickly gained popularity on social media features a young boy, estimated to be between the ages of 10 to 12, pleading with his deceased father not to rest in heaven but to send him a helper instead.

The emotional video, originally posted on TikTok by user @Mide_Kyss, captures the boy praying with tears streaming down his face in a place known as the mercy land, desperately seeking assistance.

The caption accompanying the video reads: “A boy in need of help, praying fervently in the mercy land. Anyone who lends a hand to him will be greatly blessed by God. He is calling out to his father in heaven to provide him with a helper.”

In the footage, the boy can be heard speaking in his native language, Yoruba, as he tearfully pleads with his late father, asking him to send someone to assist him. Translated into English, his words convey a heartfelt plea: “Please, do not sleep in heaven. Please help me, send me a helper.”

The child’s distressing cries have resonated deeply with viewers, prompting an outpouring of support and empathy from social media users who have flooded the comments section with their thoughts and well-wishes for the boy.


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