Empress Lupita

Empress Lupita Is Back On Social Media With A New Look After Rehab – VIDEO

Joycelyn Chayah, also known as Empress Lupita, a well-known TikTok star, has recently returned to social media following a stint in rehab.

Alongside her husband ‘Godpapa The Greatest’, she had been deemed mentally unfit due to their peculiar actions.

In her comeback post, Empress Lupita expressed gratitude to her followers and exhibited her weight gain and new double nose piercings.

She playfully hinted at resuming her entertaining content for her fans.

The couple had faced legal trouble for the alleged murder of two of their children, resulting in a court order for a psychiatric evaluation.

The pair were suspected of mental illness and were accused of burying their children. Fortunately, their youngest child managed to escape and recounted the distressing experiences endured under their care.

Empress Lupita and her husband had confessed to sacrificing one of their children, believing he was possessed by a malevolent spirit and would turn to crime in the future.

Their erratic statements and actions led to their arrest, after which they shared their unusual home life on social media before being incarcerated.

Now, Empress Lupita is back online, reconnecting with her audience and displaying signs of progress following her time in rehabilitation.

Watch video below..

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