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“Even if you think i am 85 years old i don’t care” – Nana Ama McBrown break silence about her real age

Nana Ama McBrown has been facing criticism on social media after Pascaline Edwards revealed her age in a recent interview, stating that she is 53 years old.

This revelation has led to increased scrutiny of McBrown’s age, with many questioning the accuracy of the information she has shared about her age.

People on social media have pointed out that if Pascaline Edwards is almost 54, then McBrown must be around the same age or possibly even older.

The controversy surrounding McBrown’s age has sparked conversations online about the public’s fascination with celebrity ages and the expectation for transparency in such matters.

During an episode of her show ONUA SHOW TIME, McBrown addressed the public’s interest in her real age.

She dismissed the demands for her to reveal her true age, stating that she is not bothered by speculation about her age, even if people think she is 85 years old.

McBrown made it clear that these speculations do not affect her personally or the image she portrays to the public.

In a video clip shared online, McBrown confidently declares that she is unfazed by the criticism and rumors about her age.

Watch video below…

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