Even though I studied Building Construction, if I build your house, it’ll collapse – Bukom Banku’s son

Abubakar Kamako, the son of the well-known boxer Bukom Banku, recently revealed in an interview with Adom TV that despite studying building construction in school, he has no intention of pursuing a career in that field.

He admitted that even with his education, he lacks the necessary skills to construct a building successfully.

Kamako attended Afajato Senior High Technical School where he studied Building and Construction, but he humorously mentioned that if he were to build someone’s house, it would likely collapse. Instead, Kamako has his sights set on achieving world glory through boxing.

He expressed his determination to compete in the Olympic qualifiers, stating that he has a strong fighting spirit that will propel him to success.

Kamako confidently declared that he will achieve great things in the boxing world and urged people to keep an eye on his future accomplishments.

Despite his academic background in building construction, Kamako has chosen to pursue a career in boxing, believing that this path will lead him to greatness.

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