Fake policeman who arrested and dragged a suspect to the police station also arrested (see details)

The Nima District Police Command arrested on March 17, 2024, a young man named Hassan Avorgah, aged 24. Avorgah was charged with deceiving a public officer, impersonation, and possession of police gear without proper authorization after he was caught pretending to be a policeman.

His actions came to light when he detained an individual and took them to the Holy Garden Police Station. However, his lack of accurate information about his supposed position as a police officer raised suspicions, leading to his apprehension.

Avorgah was found wearing a police camouflage uniform and carrying various police accouterments including handcuffs, a taser, a pouch, and two fake cell phones.

Further investigation at Avorgah’s residence in Berlin Bridge, Nima, revealed additional incriminating evidence such as security belts, black police uniforms, a round hat, a cardigan, and a picture frame belonging to him.

The authorities are currently preparing Avorgah for his court appearance to face the charges against him. The incident highlights the seriousness of impersonating a police officer and the potential dangers it can pose to the public.

The Nima District Police Command is taking the necessary steps to ensure that justice is served in this case and to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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