(Fear W()m3n) Lady spotted walking with 2 big lions (Watch video)

A TikTok user known as @beverlyadaeze shared a video of herself and a friend walking with two large lions, an experience that almost ended in disaster.

The lady had never imagined being so close to lions, but her friend convinced her to join in on the risky adventure.

In the video, tour guides are seen carrying walkie-talkies and sticks, instructing the group on how to safely walk with the lions.

Despite her initial fears, @beverlyadaeze decided to take the risk and walk behind the lions with a stick in hand and a camera filming the experience.

Suddenly, one of the lions turned towards her, causing her heart to skip a beat as she feared for her life.

The video has since garnered over 243k views on TikTok, with many viewers expressing disbelief at the dangerous encounter.

@beverlyadaeze captioned the video by stating that the experience was not her idea, but she decided to embrace the adventure as she believed life is short. Thankfully, the lions did not harm her, and she lived to share the heart-stopping experience.

Watch video here..

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