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Fella Makafui almost fed our daughter with “Wee Toffee” – Medikal Cries

Medikal revealed that occasionally Fella Makafui brings marijuana-infused toffees to their home, a habit that he does not approve of. He shared that during one instance, his daughter Island almost came in contact with one of these toffees, much to his dismay.

Medikal expressed his disapproval of the presence of marijuana in their home, especially in edibles like toffees. He emphasized the potential danger it poses, particularly to his young daughter Island. The incident where Island almost got hold of one of these toffees likely heightened his concern and disapproval.

The rapper’s discomfort with the situation is evident, as he highlighted the importance of keeping such substances away from children. He seemed to be particularly alarmed by the fact that his daughter was near a marijuana-infused toffee, reinforcing his stance against it.

Medikal takes the safety and well-being of his family, especially his daughter, very seriously. The incident involving the marijuana-infused toffee served as a wake-up call for him, prompting him to speak out against such practices in their household.

In conclusion, Medikal’s disclosure about Fella Makafui bringing marijuana-infused toffees into their home and the potential danger it poses, especially to his young daughter, underscores his strong disapproval of such substances being present in their living space.

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