“Fella Makafui Has A Sweet V@g!na, I Don’t Know Why Medikal Divorce Her” – Ibrah One

Internet personality and socialite, Ibrah One, has expressed his disappointment over the recent divorce between Fella Makafui and Medikal.

He took to his Instastory to share his thoughts, stating that Medikal should not have divorced Fella because she is good in bed. According to Ibrah One, Fella is a “freak in bed” with an exceptionally good honeypot.

This statement from Ibrah One has sparked discussion on social media, with many questioning how he came to know about Fella’s bedroom skills.

Some have speculated that he may have personal experience with Fella, while others believe he may have heard about her reputation from friends.

The post has left many wondering about the nature of Ibrah One’s relationship with Fella Makafui and the basis of his claims.

It has also raised questions about the appropriateness of discussing such private matters in a public forum.

Overall, Ibrah One’s remarks have added fuel to the already buzzing conversations surrounding the high-profile divorce between Fella Makafui and Medikal.

It remains to be seen how Fella and Medikal will respond to these comments and how they will move forward following their separation.

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