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Female Soldier Arrested After she exposed the Sexual Harassment in the Military

A female Nigerian soldier, who recently exposed sexual harassment within the military in a viral video, has been arrested and transferred to Abuja.

In the video, the soldier, whose name remains undisclosed, alleged that senior officers threatened her life after she rejected their sexual advances. She identified the officers as Col. I.B. Abdul kareem, Col. G.S. Ogor, and Brig. Gen. I.B. Solebo.

The soldier claimed her tenure at Cantonment Medical Centre in Lagos, where she was posted in 2022, has been marred by oppression for refusing their advances. She reported being unjustly imprisoned, evicted from her home, and falsely diagnosed with mental illness, leading to a month-long stay in a psychiatric hospital without medication. Additionally, she revealed her bank account has been frozen since February 2023, and she has not received her salary.

She alleges that Col. Abdul kareem attempted to rape her multiple times and denied her access to military courses and permission to visit her family. Despite attempts to seek intervention from other army officers and writing a petition, her pleas have reportedly gone unheard.

The army has responded to the allegations stating that the soldier did not report her situation to relevant bodies before releasing the video. The case is currently under investigation.

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