“Focus on what i can do for the country not where i got my money from”- Cheddar

Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Cheddar, the Founder of the New Force, has urged Ghanaians to focus on the positive contributions he can make to the nation rather than questioning the origin of his wealth.

He believes that asking about the source of his money is a form of judgment that fails to acknowledge the hard work and dedication he has put into earning his riches.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosiisen, Mr. Bediako stressed that instead of criticizing or interrogating those who have achieved great success, Ghanaians should celebrate their accomplishments and learn from them.

He stated that if someone earns money and chooses to spend it, he should not be questioned. They have the right to use their money however they wish, even if it means spending it on beer and kebabs.

Mr. Bediako revealed that he began making money by working for a telecommunications company, which he eventually sold, and then ventured into selling scraps.

From there, he progressed to collecting larger quantities of scraps and selling them to steel yards. Currently, companies like B5 purchase scraps from him to produce iron rods for sale.

When he acquired his wealth, Mr. Bediako started a business in Ghana and is now investing in the country. He questioned what Ghanaians would prefer if they disliked this approach.

The New Force founder emphasized that he is unconcerned about people questioning the source of his wealth.

He asserted that he does not owe anyone an explanation and that his success is the result of his own hard work and efforts.

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