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F()ols And Idi()ts – Obinim Replies Critics

Bishop Obinim, a controversial figure in Ghana, has responded defiantly to the criticism he received from Ghanaians over his recent statements on social media.

In a video posted on Youtube, Angel Obinim sought to clarify his earlier remarks about no longer accepting offerings of 10 cedis or less.

He argued that it is disrespectful to give such a small amount to God, comparing it to offering a paltry sum to a doctor for medical treatment.

In response to the backlash he faced online, Obinim dismissed his critics as foolish villagers.

He urged his congregation not to pay attention to the negative comments circulating on social media, warning them that they would incur God’s wrath if they listened to the opinions of netizens.

The bishop’s remarks have stirred up further controversy, with many questioning his motives and the sincerity of his beliefs.

Some have accused him of using religion for personal gain, while others have defended his right to set boundaries on the type of offerings he accepts.

Overall, Bishop Obinim’s defiant stance in the face of criticism has only served to fuel the debate surrounding his controversial persona and practices.

It remains to be seen how his followers and the public at large will react to his latest comments.

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