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“Four More For Bawumia” – Nursing Training Students Sings As They Vows To Vote For Bawumia After They Received Allawa

Nursing training students enthusiastically danced and pledged their support for  Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in class after he made a promise to reinstate their allowances.

The students were filled with joy and excitement as they celebrated the news. Following through on his promise, Bawumia ensured that the students received their allowances, which further solidified their loyalty to him.

The students could be seen joyfully dancing and having a great time in class, expressing their gratitude for the support they had received. Their energy and enthusiasm were infectious as they celebrated the positive impact of Bawumia’s decision on their lives.

The atmosphere in the classroom was filled with happiness and unity as the students came together to express their appreciation for the support they had received.

The students’ dedication to Bawumia was evident in their actions and words, as they wholeheartedly embraced his leadership and the positive change he had brought to their lives.

Their commitment to voting for him in the future was unwavering, as they recognized the difference he had made in ensuring their well-being and success.

Overall, the students’ dances and vows in class reflected their deep appreciation for Bawumia’s support and their unwavering loyalty to him.

Their joy and enthusiasm were a testament to the positive impact he had on their lives, and their commitment to supporting him in the future was clear and resolute.

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