Friend of Kudus reveals that the player will get a red card in Ghana’s last match.

In a surprising turn of events, a supposed friend of Ghanaian footballer, Mohammed Kudus, has issued a rather peculiar caution regarding the upcoming match against Mozambique. The warning, stemming from a dream, was revealed during a Snapchat conversation between the two on January 7, 2024.

The unidentified individual, in their dream, witnessed Kudus scoring two goals in a match against Egypt, which has since come to pass. However, the dream also depicted an altercation between Kudus and the Mozambican captain, which resulted in Kudus receiving a red card.

The friend, clearly concerned about the potential ramifications of such an event, reached out to Kudus. He questioned, “I dreamt you had 2 goals against Egypt and you had a red card in the last game, Why did you fight with the captain?”

With the prediction of Kudus scoring two goals against Egypt having come true, Ghanaians are on edge, awaiting the outcome of the match against Mozambique. They are curious to see if Kudus will indeed receive a red card, as foretold in the dream.

Kudus responded to his friend’s warning with light-hearted disbelief, replying, “You craze oo.” The fate of Kudus in the forthcoming match remains to be seen.

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