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Funny Face granted GH120,000 bail after accident

• Funny Face, a Ghanaian comedian, was arrested and held in custody following a car accident on March 24, 2024.
• He was granted bail of 120,000 cedis, a significant increase from his previous jail time.
• The bail was granted during an in-camera hearing at the Kasoa-Akweley district court.
• Four victims have been discharged from the hospital, while the fifth is still recovering but in stable condition.
• The incident serves as a reminder of road safety and caution in driving.


After being in jail for several weeks following a car accident, popular Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, has been released on bail.

The incident occurred on the evening of March 24, 2024, when Funny Face accidentally hit five people with his Hyundai Atos car.

As a result, he was arrested and held in custody to allow for investigations to take place.

In a recent development, Funny Face has been granted bail of 120,000 cedis.

This news was shared by Richard Kojo Nyarko, the head of the Legal Affairs Desk at Joy FM.

During the midday news broadcast today, Mr. Nyarko explained that Funny Face appeared before the Kasoa-Akweley district court for an in-camera hearing where the bail was granted.

Mr. Nyarko also provided an update on the condition of the victims, stating that four of them have been discharged from the hospital and are responding well to treatment.

The fifth victim is still recovering but is in stable condition.

It is a relief for Funny Face and his fans that he has been granted bail, allowing him to be released from jail while the legal process continues.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety and the need to exercise caution while driving to prevent accidents and injuries.

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