“Funny Face’s Madness Started When His First Wife Always Cheated on Him” – Vanessa Explains

Vanessa, the mother of Funny Face’s four children, has shed light on the origins of the actor’s mental health struggles that have led to the destruction of his life.

In a resurfaced interview from the past, Vanessa discussed how Funny Face’s issues began with trust issues stemming from his failed first marriage. She explained that their relationship started to deteriorate when Funny Face became upset over her receiving compliments from other men.

According to Vanessa, Funny Face revealed that his first wife had a habit of sleeping with any man who complimented her, leading to his deep-seated trust issues.

Vanessa detailed how Funny Face’s paranoia and distrust towards her escalated over time, ultimately resulting in him developing massive mental health issues that eventually led to schizophrenia.

She recounted instances where Funny Face displayed erratic behavior, such as killing her favorite dog and making threats against her life. These actions were a manifestation of the deep-seated trauma and emotional scars left by his first wife’s infidelity.

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