‘Future generations should also struggle to survive we don’t care”-galamsey operator says (watch video)

• Video shows ‘galamsey’ operators destroying land for gold mining.
• The video’s creator, believed to be the recording person, expresses disregard for the environment and lack of faith in Ghana’s leaders.
• The operators admit to destroying the land and apathy towards its impact on future generations.
• The video suggests selling the land to China, demonstrating a lack of environmental and social concern.
• The video underscores the ongoing issue of illegal mining in Ghana and the need for stronger regulations and awareness.


Another alarming video has surfaced online, showing illegal miners engaging in destructive activities. The video, shared by @eddie_wrt on X (formerly Twitter), captures a group of ‘galamsey’ operators using a pickaxe to dig a pit for gold mining.

In the background, a voice, believed to be that of the person recording the video, confidently expresses their disregard for the environment.

They mention that they have lost faith in Ghana’s leaders and feel they have nothing to offer them.

The person wielding the pickaxe in the video echoes these sentiments, showing no concern for the long-term consequences of their actions.

They openly admit to destroying the land and express apathy towards the impact it will have on future generations.

The person even suggests selling the land to the Chinese, demonstrating a complete lack of concern for the environment and the well-being of others.

The video serves as a disturbing reminder of the ongoing issue of illegal mining in Ghana and the lack of accountability among those involved.

It highlights the need for stronger enforcement of regulations and greater awareness of the environmental and social impacts of ‘galamsey’ operations.

Watch video below…

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