Ga Women In A Video Shows How They Use Poisonous Sea Snakes And Salt To Make Popular “Momone” Meat – VIDEO

In a video, women from the Greater Accra region of Ghana, specifically from the Ga ethnic group, demonstrate the traditional method of preparing the popular Ghanaian meat known as “Momone.” This delicacy is highly favored by many locals.

The video showcases how these women utilize both harmful and non-harmful sea snakes, as well as salt, in the preparation of Momone.

The process involves carefully handling and processing the snakes to extract the meat, which is then seasoned with salt to enhance its flavor.

The use of sea snakes in the preparation of Momone may be considered unconventional or even controversial by some, as these creatures are known for their venomous nature.

However, the women in the video show a deep understanding of how to safely handle and utilize the snakes in a way that ensures the final product is safe for consumption.

Overall, the video provides a glimpse into the traditional culinary practices of the Ga women in the Greater Accra region, highlighting their resourcefulness and expertise in utilizing local ingredients to create a beloved dish like Momone.

It serves as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions that are still cherished and preserved in Ghana.

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