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GFA Addresses players being destructed by ladies and Sleep Deprivation at AFCON 2023

A recent meeting of the Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association revealed a troubling issue concerning the Black Stars’ player habits during the 2023 Cote Di Voire AFCON. The majority of the players were reportedly not getting sufficient sleep while at their hotel camp, as revealed in an investigative report by Kessben FM.

The issue, brought to light during the meeting on Tuesday, indicated that the players were not adhering to the early bedtime routine expected of professional footballers. Instead, they were spending the majority of the night hours engaged with their phones, in turn, compromising their rest and overall performance.

The Kessben FM report also highlighted a significant distraction at the Black Stars’ hotel in Abidjan. The team’s hotel was reportedly overrun with a large number of women, causing disruption and distraction for the players. Such circumstances could potentially affect the team’s focus and preparation for their matches.

In response to these findings, the Ghana Football Association Executive Council resolved to implement stricter regulations for future AFCON tournaments. They plan to fully book a hotel exclusively for the Black Stars to ensure a distraction-free environment throughout their stay. This decision aims to promote discipline, concentration, and optimal performance among the players.

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