“Ghana is like Abroad to most west Africans, but Ghanaians are leaving the country”- Nigerian Man Mr Onomski express his shock

A Nigerian resident in Ghana, Mr Onomski, has advised Ghanaians to appreciate their country and reconsider their desire to seek opportunities abroad.

He expressed concern after seeing a long line of Ghanaians at the Canadian Embassy in Accra, waiting to apply for visas to leave the country.

In a video shared on TikTok, Mr Onomski questioned why Ghanaians are fleeing a country that is comparatively doing well in West Africa.

He warned them to be cautious as the tables could turn, with Nigerians coming in while Ghanaians leave.

Despite the economic challenges in Ghana, Mr Onomski believes that many neighboring West African countries are facing even harsher conditions, emphasizing the need for Ghanaians to appreciate what they have.

Online reactions from Ghanaians varied, with some expressing gratitude for Mr Onomski’s perspective while others defended their decision to seek opportunities abroad.

Some pointed out that Ghana is seen as the gateway of Africa and should not be taken for granted.

In response, Mr Onomski highlighted the potential of Ghana as a land of opportunities and encouraged Ghanaians to value their country.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by the youth but urged them to consider staying and contributing to the development of their nation.

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