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“Ghana is richer than any country in the world but the leaders lack vision”- Man Who Lived in Germany For Over 20 Years Says.

A Ghanaian man who has spent over twenty years living in Germany recently returned to Ghana and claimed that Ghana is the best country in the world with more money than any other country.

In a TikTok video, the man known as German Borga attributed the poverty in Ghana to a lack of visionary leadership in utilizing the country’s abundant resources to create opportunities for its people.

He praised Western countries like Germany, the US, the UK, and Canada for effectively using their resources to benefit their citizens, particularly by investing in the youth and developing their skills.

He highlighted Germany’s focus on technical skills for children above the age of 13 as a key factor in their success.

Despite his assertions, some Ghanaians on social media expressed skepticism, with one user pointing out that opportunities exist in Ghana but many still aspire to go abroad for better prospects.

Another user emphasized that success can be achieved anywhere as long as there is peace of mind, and location is not a determining factor.

Ultimately, the man’s claims sparked a debate among Ghanaians on the potential of their country and the importance of leadership in creating opportunities for its citizens.

Watch video below…

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