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“Ghana Police is tracking the ip Address of all those sharing Serwaa Amihere’s video”- Vim Lady

Article summary

• Unknown identity of the leaker remains unpunished.
• Both Serwaa and Henry have not issued official statements.
• Ghanaian media personality, Vimlady, advises against sharing leaked videos and photos.
• She argues it’s a form of cyberbullying and warns the IGP of potential legal action.
• Vimlady criticizes commenters on leaked videos, labeling them as hypocrites.
• She urges caution and emphasizes potential legal consequences.


Despite the various speculations surrounding the video, the identity of the person responsible for leaking it remains unknown and they have not faced any consequences.

Both Serwaa and Henry have not released official statements regarding the incident, making the situation quite sensitive.

In response to the uproar, Ghanaian media personality, Vimlady, has advised against sharing the leaked videos and photos of Serwaa Amihere, as it could lead to legal action.

In a video she made, Vimlady explained why it is unethical to spread the video on social media, citing it as a form of cyberbullying towards Serwaa.

She also warned that the IGP has the capability to track down individuals sharing the content and arrest them.

Vimlady highlighted the Cyber Security Act and criticized those commenting on the leaked videos, labeling them as hypocrites for engaging in similar behavior.

She urged people to refrain from sharing the content and emphasized the potential legal consequences. Watch her video below for more insight.

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Majority of Ghanaians to spend years in jail for sharing Serwaa Amiheres atopa video as the police track IP addresses

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