“Ghana will not qualify because Ghanaians have insulted me”- Prophet Oja

Rev. Jedidia Henry Kore, also known as Prophet Oja, has expressed disappointment with Ghanaians following the backlash he received for his failed prophecy regarding the AFCON match.

Prophet Oja had previously prophesied that Kudus, a player for Ghana’s national football team, would be disgraced during the match against Egypt. He claimed to have had a vision of Kudus eating popcorn on the pitch. However, contrary to his prophecy, Kudus helped Ghana Black Stars secure a victory.

Ghanaians have since criticized Prophet Oja, labelling him a fraud and accusing him of exploiting his spiritual position for personal gain. Some even resorted to insulting his mother.

In response, Prophet Oja has made a grim prediction for Ghana Black Stars’ upcoming match, stating that they will lose and return home. He attributes this forecast to the insults he and his mother received, adding that he will not pray for Ghana’s victory.

Prophet Oja defended himself, saying that he had prayed for Kudus after seeing the popcorn vision. He believes his prayers helped Kudus score the goals. This information came to light during an interview with Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV.

The prophet’s comments have sparked further discussions among Ghanaians, with many questioning the role of prophecies in sports.

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