Ghanaian Man Arrested at KIA After Attempting to Sneak Onto British Airways Flight To Go To London (watch video)

A Ghanaian individual who was trying to escape to the United Kingdom for a better life was apprehended as he tried to hide himself on a plane.

The young man was surreptitiously attempting to board a British Airways flight from Accra to London in search of freedom.

However, his plans were thwarted when he was discovered and taken into custody.

According to reports, the young man was seen crawling on the airport tarmac, which prompted Aviance representatives, a company managing the terminal in collaboration with the Ghana Airport Company, to intervene and apprehend him.

It is believed that the individual managed to access the tarmac by using the Burma Camp road and maneuvering through the bushes to avoid detection.

This incident highlights the desperate measures some individuals are willing to take in pursuit of a better life.

The young man’s actions demonstrate the lengths people will go to in search of freedom and opportunity.

While his attempt to stow away on a plane was unsuccessful, it sheds light on the challenges faced by many individuals in Ghana and other countries who are seeking a better future elsewhere.

It also underscores the importance of addressing the root causes that drive people to take such risks in their quest for a better life.

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