Ghanaian Man in UK Army Jailed 3 Years for Posession of Child P()rn

It has been reported that Godfred was found to have disturbing content on his phone, including p*rnogr*phic images involving animals, as well as individuals engaging in inappropriate acts with a frog, snake, and dog.

Additionally, there were videos of children being sexually abused present on his device. Shockingly, Godfred allegedly shared some of these explicit images with 36 other individuals through the messaging app WhatsApp.

As a result of his actions, he was arrested and subsequently sentenced to three years in prison.

In light of his disturbing behavior, Godfred has been prohibited from having unsupervised contact with children and his internet access has been restricted.

The media in the UK has also reported that Godfred is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

During his time serving in the British Army, he was shot by the Taliban and later stabbed by a fellow soldier, leading to him developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The troubling content found on Godfred Sarpong’s phone and his actions in sharing it with others have raised serious concerns about his behavior and the potential harm he may pose to others, particularly children.

The combination of his experiences in the military and the impact of PTSD on his mental health may have played a role in his actions, but it is clear that he must be held accountable for his crimes.

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