Ghanaians blast Ducan williams for saying he went to Heaven (See details)

Social media users have criticized Ghanaian Pastor Nicholas Duncan William for his comment about heaven.

As per the individual’s account, he claimed to have visited heaven.

During his address to his congregants, he shared his experiences of witnessing various things and visiting numerous places.

He revealed that he was taken by an angel to a majestic mountain covered in grass that sparkled like diamonds. There, he encountered a man who guided him on a spiritual path.

Notably, Elder Sackey, the individual he encountered, was behind the wheel of an exceptionally luxurious vehicle and advised him to return to earth.

If the congregation follows the instructions of the man of God, their dreams of going to heaven could become a reality.

According to him, his church members would not pass away, but he would assist them in reaching heaven and personally experiencing it.

“During my visit to Heaven…” I had a remarkable experience where I was transported outside of my physical body and spent 1 hour and 45 minutes in a place that can only be described as heavenly. During this time, I witnessed a multitude of captivating sights and encountered some truly fascinating phenomena…I was fortunate enough to be led by an angel to a majestic mountain, where the grass shimmered like precious diamonds…

According to social media users, there is a complete lack of credibility in the pastor’s statement.

Several social media users have raised doubts about why the man of God would choose to return to Ghana, a place they consider to be challenging, if he truly experienced heaven.

There have been inquiries about whether God has spoken about Daniel Duncan Williams, his son, who some consider to be stubborn.

Elisha Bill inquired, “Did God never mention his son?” Perhaps in the future, it would be wise for him to bring his son along when encountering the celestial beings wielding the mighty sword. It may prompt a transformation within him.

“This story will easily convince you if you’re feeling lazy, hungry, or unemployed,” a netizen commented.

“I’m curious if his son was there too,” another person inquired.


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