Ghanaians Blā$t Asantewaa For Begging For Pampers On Social Media (video)

Ghanaian TikTok sensation Asantewaa recently shared her desires for her upcoming birthday in a post on her social media.

The flyer she posted listed various items that she hoped to receive from her fans and well-wishers, with most of them being monetary gifts.

She even provided her account details for those who wanted to contribute to her birthday gifts.

However, this move was met with criticism from some of her followers, who accused her of seeking unnecessary attention and begging for gifts online.

In response to the backlash, Asantewaa explained that she is capable of purchasing everything on her wishlist but prefers to receive gifts from others as a way for them to show their love and appreciation.

She emphasized that everyone has a wishlist, regardless of their financial status, and urged her fans not to judge her for having one.

Asantewaa clarified, “Me posting a wishlist does not mean I am begging or in need, it means I am giving people the opportunity to show me love. There are a lot of people dying to show me love.

I can afford everything on my wishlist and that does not mean I should do everything by myself.”

While some may view Asantewaa’s wishlist as controversial, she stands by her decision to share it with her followers and remains grateful for any gifts she may receive on her birthday.

Watch video below…

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