Ghanaians destroyed me – Xandy Kamel cries

Xandy Kamel recently reached out to Asantewaa in support after watching a video where Asantewaa expressed her feelings of being hated by Ghanaians for no apparent reason. Asantewaa, who recently lost her TikTok account with 3 million followers, tearfully shared her struggles with receiving hate from the public.

She mentioned that no matter what she does, whether she cries or laughs, she is constantly criticized by others.

Asantewaa also revealed that people have even approached her father, Koo Fori, asking him to intervene and warn her about her behavior.

In a show of empathy, Xandy Kamel shared her own experiences of being hated by the public, to the extent that it led to the end of her marriage, leaving her single.

She spoke about how people who were once friendly with her would turn around and betray her behind her back. Xandy Kamel expressed her decision to only trust her mother as a friend due to the betrayal she has faced.

Xandy Kamel encouraged Asantewaa to remain strong and take comfort in the support of her husband and manager, Cassius.

She reminded Asantewaa that she is not alone in facing public scrutiny and advised her to focus on those who truly care for her.

Through her message, Xandy Kamel aimed to provide comfort and solidarity to Asantewaa during this difficult time.


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