Ghanaians fire and attack Aunty Naa for divorcing radio presenter husband to marry Canada-based lawyer

After the exclusive news of Oyerepa FM’s Aunty Naa’s secret marriage to a Ghanaian Canada-based lawyer surfaced, social media users have been sharing contrasting opinions.

While fans of the popular presenter have been using their social media platforms to celebrate and congratulate her, critics have been using the opportunity to criticize and attack her.

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Some critics have pointed out that Aunty Naa, known for addressing marriage issues on her show, has now married in secret, implying that she understands the benefits of marriage despite previously causing separations.

Before marrying the Canada-based lawyer, Aunty Naa was previously married to Dennis Mac-Caulley, also known as Yaw Adu.

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Criticisms and reactions from social media users have varied, with some questioning her credibility in giving marital advice due to her failed marriage, while others defend her by highlighting the positive impact she has had on people’s lives.

Overall, the news of Aunty Naa’s marriage has sparked a mix of reactions on social media, with some expressing surprise and others using the opportunity to criticize her past actions.

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